Local REI Training

You could be part of an elite group of Madison area people.  But there are serious restrictions to joining this "club", and not everyone makes it.  Actually, if you must know, most people do NOT make it, and here's why:  Most people consider real estate investing to be an easy get-rich-quick thing that anyone can do.  Once they find out that this is a REAL profession and requires REAL work, they bail.  On to the next GRQ scheme, and there's plenty of them out there.  What they lack is LOCAL REI Training.

Then there are those few.  They come from ALL walks of life and have been trained in all manner of professions.  We've seen people who are doctors or lawyers who give up their "big-money" professions and go 100% into real estate investing.  Why would they do that?

  • Big-money jobs frequently require a massive time commitment
  • Big-money jobs are very often unfulfilling - a soul craves more
  • Big-money jobs have LOTS of rules, regulations, boards, and bosses
  • Big-money jobs can evaporate in an instant - you're not in control

You might say that the income-to-life-expense ratio is far too low.  What do these unfulfilled people with big-money jobs usually do?  They buy "stuff" and wonder where the money went.  Interestingly, even though the pay may be high, the net is low because, well, a J.O.B. usually means that you are building someone else's dream and you remain Just Over Broke.

Have It All

Imagine a world where you work hard for, oh, 15-20 hours per week, vacation once a month, and your income keeps growing.  You've heard that you can't have your cake and eat it, too - right?  Wrong.  You can.  Welcome to real estate investing.  But you have got to be right for it.  Absolutely right, and you must get local REI training.

How To Know If It's Right

You never really know until you actually do it for awhile.  We've been in the business long enough to know what to look for, and we can predict - with pretty high accuracy - who's going to make it and who's not.  You don't "sort-of" do this stuff, either.  There are always surprises and it takes something to respond to those challenges.

Local REI Training

In the end, real estate investor training that is focused on local market conditions, local private lenders, local contractors, local real estate agents - in summary, local knowledge about this business, is what makes the difference between success and struggle.